This throwback is dedicated to anyone else who grew up in the 90s.
Lately, I have been on a random 90s kick and have compiled a list of things that I miss most.

This will probably be “Part 1” to a who-knows-how-many-parts post over my next few #tbts. I have so many items on the list, so we’ll just start small.

These are just a couple things that instantly make me nostalgic…

gigapetgigapet2Whether you had a Tamagotchi or a Gigapet, you took it everywhere with you.
I lost mine by leaving it somewhere. Sad day.

fruit stripeAnyone else remember this stuff?!

Fruit_StripeIf you licked the wrappers, it would leave tattoos on your hand or your tongue.
The gum tasted good for about 5.2 seconds before you had to throw it away and get another piece.

Happy #tbt!