Thankful Thursday

So this is the first thankful Thursday post ever. I thought for a long while on what exactly I should post.

Do I talk about the things I’m thankful for? No, that might come across as bragging.
Do I explain how to be thankful? No, people know how to be thankful.
Do I explain why you should be thankful? No, that would be like telling people how to be thankful.
It was along this line of reasoning when something occurred to me:

How about when you should be thankful.

It seems obvious enough, right? The simple answer (and the correct one) is – all the time. But that is so much simpler said than done.

When is the last time you were thankful when your car broke down? When you broke up with your boyfriend? When you got rejected by those friends?

Look, I’m not just calling you out – I’m calling myself out. Real life example time!

Recently my dear car, Jeffery, decided he needed to head off to retirement. Now Jeffery, much like his owner, is a tad dramatic. So instead of just not starting up or slowly dying on the road one day, he decided to stop accelerating while I was driving him. Long story short, I called my mom in tears after I had pulled over into a car shop and asked her to pray. I needed a car and I didn’t have the money to get Jeffery fixed, let alone a new car.

She and my dad drove over to me (a good 45 minute drive) to make sure I had a car and so that they could take care of my car stuff for me.

Now, in that moment it wasn’t super easy to be thankful. It was later that day that I had to remember to be thankful again – after I found out what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost.

How quickly we forget the good when the bad happens.

It’s a thing you have to thinking about. You have to actually force yourself to be thankful, and not only because things are going wrong! If you can make yourself be thankful when you first wake up every morning, think of how easy it’ll be to be thankful when you really need it.

Try this: wake up and thank God for the first thing that pops into your mind. Start small.

You’re awake.
You’re alive.
You have a place to sleep.
You have PJ’s to wear.

If you want, take this list and add your own. Print it off and put it somewhere you look every morning. Recite them, and I promise, next time when things are at their worst you’ll be amazed how easy it to be thankful.