A Perfectly Ridiculous Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When it comes to relationships, each one of us is in a completely different season. Since Ashley is engaged, Chelsea is in a long-term, committed relationship, and Kylie is single, we thought it would be fun to do a Q&A Valentine’s themed post. Each of us answered the questions in a way that relates directly to the season we are currently in.

Disclaimer: We did not see each other’s answers before we answered the questions for ourselves. Any similarities (or exact matches) are purely coincidental.

What is you favorite Valentine’s candy?
A – Reese’s – is that even a question?
C – Anything that involves chocolate and peanut butter. OR Charms Valentine’s Pops. My boss used to leave a bunch out at work and I would eat like five or six each day. After a few days of that, he did me a favor and locked them up in his office and would only bring out a couple at a time. He was a good boss.
K – Reece’s hearts. Duh. Is that even a question?

What is your ideal Valentine’s date?
A – Dinner and a movie. Unless there isn’t a movie out that I want to see. In that case, sitting at home after dinner eating ice cream and watching our shows – AKA back-to-back reruns of House Hunters International. I’m an old soul. Oh, and flowers! Get me flowers. I love them. They make me happy. They make my house happy. They are just great.
C – A surprise trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, catching a great movie, and then swinging by Italy for some late night pizza and gelato (ice cream).
K – I’m not a huge fan of fancy dinners. I like low key and creative – maybe a floor picnic or something along those lines? I’ll leave it up to my man to figure out. Points for creativity and originality! Getting dressed up for special occasions is fun, so maybe a dinner would be sweet! It would be even better if TSwift serenaded us while we ate. Obviously, I’m a little all over the place… I love daisies! And ice cream…

Do you outgrow Valentine’s cards?
A – I personally don’t. I love them. I like picking them out for other people too. I like ones that are cute but funny.
(Who doesn’t? That’s the most generic answer out there. Don’t hate, it’s true.)
C – I was homeschooled so getting Valentine’s cards is still strange to me. I mean, I understand the concept, and it’s nice and cute. But receiving a piece of paper with Hello Kitty stamped on the front isn’t going to do much for me.  Thank you for acknowledging our friendship (I do appreciate that), but I’d rather have the aforementioned candy. Chocolate beats paper every time.
K – Never! That’s my favorite tradition. Every year my dad buys a box of little Valentines and divides them between my sisters and me. On each one, he writes a different one of our nicknames, so no two cards have the same name. Then, he hides them all around the downstairs, so when we wake up, we get to go on a little hunt to find all the ones with our names on them. It’s my favorite part of the day.

What are some fun things you can do for your girlfriends on Valentine’s Day?
A – Giving Valentine’s Day gifts is SO much fun! It’s so easy. I love to bake things – cupcakes, cookies or anything pink and heart shaped. Everyone deserves a gift on Valentine’s Day because everyone is loved. Do something that would make you smile if you received it on Valentine’s Day. It’s that easy.
C – Give them chocolate! That’s what this day is really about! But seriously. Show them you love them and that they hold a special place in your heart by doing something little or out of the ordinary for them. And that may involve chocolate AND Hello Kitty – just make it about them and not about you. : )
K – I LOVE giving gifts. I love picking up on the little things they say and remembering them when it comes to gifts. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be huge, but heartfelt is always best. Ashley loves Goldfish crackers (which you would know if you’ve read our bios), so last year, I got a plastic Goldfish snack container and filled it with little pieces of paper containing things Goldfish would say to her if they could talk. It was goofy and fun and she loved it! Chelsea knew that I am gluten free and love Disney princesses, so she got me a box of gluten free crackers and “wrapped” it in little Disney princess valentines with Bible verses to match what was printed on the cards. It was the best, most sincere gift! So, again, you can’t go wrong with creative and fun.

How do you avoid being THAT girl on Valentine’s Day?
A – Oh my goodness. It is so hard to not be that girl. I want to tell the world over and over that I’m engaged! I have a fiancé on Valentine’s Day! This will be the only time that I will ever have a fiancé on Valentine’s Day. But, everyone knows that I have a fiancé. So I just need to shut up. So much easier said than done. But for real. I may post an Instagram that says “Out to dinner with the fiancé!” But that is it. There’s no need to brag about one random day in February when Shea and I went out to dinner. So keep it simple; keep it to yourself. (“Keep it secret, keep it safe.” – My last line reminded me of that quote – so LOTR fans – you’re welcome.)
C – Don’t. Flaunt. I repeat. DON’T FLAUNT. For those not single: If you’ve been dating someone for a long time or even a short time, Valentine’s day is not about showing off what you have to the rest of the world. Chances are, most people you know already know you are together. It’s about appreciating, enjoying and celebrating that relationship by doing something for/with the one you love. This day is not an opportunity for a million “Ohhh look what MY boyfriend did for me, gushy, mushy, blah blah blah” posts or pictures. If we are your friends, we will ask you about your Valentine’s Day if we want to know. So put your phone down. It’s a day to celebrate and enjoy the love in your life—not parade it around like no one else has ever had a significant other. (With that being said, flowers are always pretty. You can post as many pictures of flowers as you want.)
For the single ladies, don’t be killjoys. If you can’t do anything but lament all day how awful this holiday is, then you need a self-evaluation. Your happiness and worth does not depend on whether or not you have someone’s hand to hold. It’s okay to wish you had a man to spend it with, but being Debbie downer ain’t gonna get you any closer to love, honey. So shut up, eat some chocolate, and have a good day.
K –Well, I have never had a boyfriend on Valentines, but I’m lucky enough to have the best friends who spoil me instead. I would say, to avoid being THAT girl, don’t run around telling everyone or bringing it up every 5 minutes that “you’re single and hate Valentine’s” (No Facebook statuses or Tweets either…). No one wants to hear that over and over. Also, just because a boy who is just a friend gives you a gift on Valentine’s Day – it does not mean you are going to be in love forever. Just enjoy the thoughtfulness and stop looking into things that should just be left alone. I know us girls are bad at this, but stop it. Right now. What I do, instead of wallowing in self-pity, is focus on my friends and how I can surprise them. Doing little things for your family or friends is a great way to enjoy the day just as much as anyone in a relationship.

What is your most awkward Valentine’s Day moment?
A – One year in elementary school, this boy (who shall not be named) gave me a Valentine’s Day card, a carnation, and a teddy bear. Real fast – let’s take a look back at “elementary school Ashley” – tall, finally growing into my arms, nose always in a book with an obnoxiously loud laugh that I hadn’t learned how to control quite yet… I DIDN’T KNOW A THING ABOUT BOYS. So when said boy gave me all of these things I thought the cute little Valentine’s cards I had brought for the whole class would be an acceptable gift in return. Needless to say, I was wrong. He cried – like legit, giant tears in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed that I gave all of the stuff back to him and started to read. I just sat there as he cried and read a book. My bad.
– You know who you are, so if you’re reading this, just know that I was too young and naive to understand what had happened. I hope you don’t still hate me… : )
C – I don’t think I have one. I either can’t remember what my past Valentine’s were like, or the ones I do remember have been pretty nice. I do remember getting like 4 episodes of a season of 24 from one guy. I guess the awkward part was that it wasn’t a full season. But other than it was a pretty awesome gift.
K – Well, the fact that I don’t have any awkward Valentine’s memories because I’ve never had a Valentine is awkward in itself. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I’m sure there will plenty to share in years to come…

Happy Valentine’s Day!
A, C, & K