Happy 1 Month To Us!

Hey guess what! Today is our 1 month! Whoohoo!

We’ve decided to record our blog’s age like people record their baby’s age – in months.
(“My baby is 24 months old.” – Uh no. Your baby is 2 years old.)

Okay, sorry, I’m done.

*Disclaimer: We won’t actually record every month, but this is like the beginning of a relationship – we’re really excited and want to celebrate every little milestone! Don’t judge us.

Anyway, yay! We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading our little blog this last month.
We’re really proud of it so far.


The blog will look a little different from here on out. We won’t be posting every day like we have been. We posted a lot last month just to get everyone familiar with the topics we want to cover and to make sure everyone knew what was going on. So make sure you keep up with the Facebook posts or Instagram posts to know when we’ve posted.

So keep watching, reading, and laughing with us please.


We love you all.

A, C, & K