Okay, Kylie’s turn again (Yes, I just referred to myself in 3rd person…), which means it’s time for part 2 to my nostalgic #tbt posts.

This one is all about the toys I miss most.

skipit skipit2
I was basically a pro when it came to skip-it. No big deal.

Gel-Pens gelpens
Gel pens anyone? I’m pretty sure we still have a million of these things floating around our house…

skydancer1 skydancer3
Did anyone else play with sky dancers? No? Just me? Okay.

Saved the best for last:
I wish I still had mine.
Favorite easy-bake memory: Once, I was cooking little cakes and took one over to my sister, Addyson, so that she could smell it. She couldn’t smell it so she leaned in closer and ended up burning her nose on the little pan. The burn was a line right across her nose. She learned her lesson and I got a good laugh. The end.