Wisdom Wednesday

This month, we have the privilege and honor of getting to hear (or read) from Josh Kelly. Josh is the youth pastor at Wave Church and each one of us have so much respect for him.
Without further ado, we give you this month’s Wisdom Wednesday:

FIRST of all I am honored/pumped/overjoyed that the 3 musketeers (Kylie, Chelsea, and Ashley) would ask me to share on Wisdom Wednesday! I was asked to share some wisdom on relationships and all the beautiful goodness it entails. Being 23 and married for just over 3 months I don’t really have much wisdom to share at all, but what I do have is 3 great relationships with 3 different women in my life that I think we can grab some wisdom from. Before you freak out, I do not have 3 wives. I am talking about my beautiful, bodacious wife Brooke, my MOM (I am a certified mommas boy), and my English Bulldog Gracie. By far the most attractive thing about my wife is her love for Jesus. Brooke never “needed” a boyfriend. She has always been content in her relationship with Jesus. Now I’m gonna be honest, this drove me crazy before we were dating, because I had no idea what her answer to my “coffee date” question would be. Now almost 3 years later, I can say we dated well (she said yes to the coffee date), were engaged well (she said yes again), and have loved our 3 months of marriage (she said I do), because Brooke never relied on me to make her happy. Her source was always Jesus. I love that about my wife!

Peace and Love
Josh Kelly