Fun Fact Friday

Fun fact – Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring!

We did it! We made it through this impossibly long winter to finally see the sun and the daffodils survive! Go us! Personally, I love spring. Summer is just a bit too warm sometimes; winter can be downright unpleasant; and fall is lovely, but it means cold instead of comfortable. I love being able to open the windows and go for long walks without sweating or freezing to death! It’s just magical. Another reason I love spring is because of spring cleaning!

There is nothing better than opening the windows, throwing on some comfy clothes, turning on some loud music, lighting a sweet smelling candle, and cleaning the entire house! Baseboards and corners included. I love the feeling of accomplishment when it starts to get dark, the windows are still open, the candle has made the whole house smell like fresh laundry, and everywhere you walk is clean. It’s such a heartwarming and uplifting feeling!

With that being said, I searched the internet and found my favorite printable Spring Cleaning Checklist! It’s one of the best checklists I’ve seen and it is colorful! I’ve put the link here so you can print it off for yourself and go cleaning crazy!

REMEMBER! Spring cleaning is supposed to be fun! Don’t make it miserable by trying to do everything in a single day or by your lonesome. Grab a buddy and knock out half the list one day then go at it again the next day. A clean home is a happy home!