Okay, so here is the last part of my “I miss the 90’s” throwback kick. I’m sure I’ll think of more things later, but today is all about the random food items that make me nostalgic.

frenchtoastcrunchI want to know who decided to discontinue this treasure back in 2006. And even before then, who decided to change the shape of French Toast Crunch? Cereal that tastes like french toast AND is shaped like bread – magic.

wonderballDoes anyone else remember these? A chocolate ball with candy on the inside AND a sticker – what’s not to love?!

heinz-ez-squirt-ketchupThis throwback comes with a funny story.
Once upon a time, my mom made baked beans, put them in the oven to cook and gave my dad directions to take them out of the oven to cool when the timer went off. So, the timer goes off, my dad takes the beans out – only to discover something green and only slightly resembling baked beans. Turns out, my mom had used green EZ Squirt because it’s all we had and forgot to tell my dad… Mystery solved! The end.
To this day, it’s still one of my favorite memories.

dunkaroosDunkaroos! This is the one thing that “all” my friends had and I “never” had, so I begged my mom for these ALL THE TIME. I think I was just as obsessed with funfetti icing then as I am now. If it has colorful sprinkles, I want it.