Friendship Friday

Today’s post is more of a challenge than just something to read. I want you – yes YOU, the one who is reading this – to do something for me.

I want you to bless a friend today.

Think of one friend who is having a hard time in some aspect of their life. If you can’t think of one person in your life who is struggling with something, I have bad news for you – you might not be a good friend. But that’s a life lesson for another day. Today we’re focusing on others.

Bring them coffee.
Send them an encouraging text.
Buy them lunch.
Give them an extra long hug.
Write them a note or a card and leave it on their desk or car.
Bring them a bag of their favorite candy.
Ask them how they’re doing and just listen.
Give them a ride somewhere they need to go.

And here’s the kicker, don’t tell a soul you’re doing it.
Don’t post it on Instagram.
Don’t text your other friends and tell them what you did.

Just let it stay between you and that person. They may post about it or tell people, and that’s fine, but as for you, the person doing the act, keep it to yourself. Just enjoy the feeling of knowing that you’ve done something good – even if the whole world doesn’t know about it.

So there’s your challenge. Can you do it?