Beanie Babies!

Well these guys don’t really need any introduction. Any child who grew up in the in 90’s collected Beanie Babies. At first we collected them because they were cute; who didn’t love all the different kinds of Beanie Babies?! But then someone started the rumor that one day Beanie Babies would be worth a ton of money, and now at the age of 23, I still won’t let my mom throw away my collection. They’re not worth any more than they were when I bought them, but I’m still holding out and I know tons of 20-some-year-olds who are the same way. The rule was: don’t tear off the tag and you’re good to go. Also, if you read that and thought it was the tag on the bottom of the Beanie Baby, just stop reading now – you weren’t a real Beanie Baby kid. I’m talking about the heart shaped tag on their ears. It told you their name, birthday and a fun fact. If you didn’t throw your Beanie Babies a birthday party either, you’re guilty of neglect and should be ashamed.

So, next time you’re home, see if you can find that GIANT Tupperware container in the attic full of Beanie Babies and give each and every single one a hug, because you never know, they could be worth a ton of money one day.

Beanie Babies