So, where I grew up in Ohio, JUMP5 was the greatest thing in the world.
Okay, maybe it was because I grew up as a sheltered church kid with all church friends…

I was obsessed. Like literally.I made my sisters and best friends “form a band” with me where, of course, I would sing all of Brittany’s parts and the youngest ones had to be the boys. I saw them live twice and I owned every single CD and DVD I could get my hands on.
220px-Jump5sdwj5dvd“Start Dancing With Jump5” was on play repeatedly. And yes – I still have most of the dances memorized and could probably whip them out on command.

Anyone else remember these gems?




























Allow me to take you down memory lane…
Here are some of my favorite videos from Jump5.

I bet you can imagine how excited I was when they had a reunion and posted a video of all of them dancing to Spinning Around for the first time in 4 years.

So, there you have it.
I hope you get these songs stuck in your head all day…