Wisdom Wednesday

For May, we have the honor of hearing from Rodney Lord, pastor at Freedom Gate Church in Marietta, Ohio (and father to prettiest, most hilarious, wonderful daughter there ever was).

We have all, in one way or another, benefited from his knowledge and insight, and we are very excited to present this month’s Wisdom Wednesday:

It was April 2008. The infamous New York Yankees were building a new stadium—one that would appropriately reflect the pride, heritage, achievement and glory of their beloved team. The project was well underway when a vicious and amusing rumor surfaced: a construction worker who was a fan of the rival Boston Red Sox had secretly and deliberately thrown a Boston Red Sox jersey into the wet cement of the foundation to be permanently ensconced in the rival’s pillars. To the Boston fans it was buried treasure, to the New York fans it was an insidious cancer, and to the rest of the world it was just an amusing story about how crazy we can get over sports superstitions. Despite the extra work it created, they did tear up the foundation and retrieve the David Ortiz memorabilia.

Ortiz JerseyOur lives, as they are being formed, are full of true buried treasure—things that were intentionally placed into the wet cement of our foundation, like healthy relationships built around character, serving and friendship. How important is the treasure of truth from the Word, experiences with God, and powerful role models and heroes we have looked up to?! On our journey we may have been blessed with gifted teachers, supporting parents and unique opportunities—all of these are in our foundation. Life is not always perfect though, and at times, things we didn’t want included get poured into the foundation anyway. Isaiah 43:1 says: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” The redemptive work of the cross buys back even the enemies attempt to spoil the foundation. For the redeemed, the stadium of their life will continue to be seen as His creation—achieving, overcoming and reflecting His complete work in you, from foundation to incredible plays on the playing field of His kingdom. So turn on the lights, let the crowd roar and let His glory shine.

By Rodney Lord