Earlier this week I had the absolute joy of discovering a new candy store about 5 minutes from my house (please pray that I don’t get fat). We walked in thinking it was a frozen yogurt place and were pleasantly surprised to see that on top of being a frozen yogurt bar, they also had an entire wall of candy. Yes, you read that correctly.


Now, I’m not a huge sweets girl. I like Goldfish more than anything; but once I walked into this brightly lit candy heaven, sweets were the only thing on my mind. I stopped to look at each bin, making sure I saw every kind of candy they had before making my decision, and I left with Chewy Spree, Sixlets, Peach-O’s, and chocolate covered pretzels. Later that evening while I was discussing my purchases and giving some away (I may have gone a bit crazy with the Chewy Spree) to my fiancé’s roommates, I started to think about the candy I loved as a kid.

Baby Bottle Pop. Ring a bell? If not here’s a commercial. 

(Warning, the jingle will get stuck in your head and you will be singing it tonight. You’re welcome.)

I used to love Baby Bottle Pop’s! They were slightly sour and super sweet. We used to buy them during breaks at the pool. (Remember breaks when only the adults were allowed to swim and that’s when you ate your snacks and “tanned”?) Just hearing that stupid jingle brought back so many summer memories.

They still make them though! So if you’ve never experienced a Baby Bottle Pop and would like to be transported back to the late 90’s you’re in luck. I’m pretty sure you can still get them at any 7-11 around*… Ah the memories.

– A

*I don’t know this for sure, I was going to attach the link for the website but it didn’t list any stores where you could buy them. It was only a weird gaming site. Sorry.