Good news this week!

If you’re a fan of Taylor and Selena’s friendship like me, then you will be happy to know they are friends once again! Apparently, there was a little tiff/feud/whatever you want to call it, but at the 2014 Met Gala a couple weeks ago, they set everything aside and had the best night together. They’ve been friends again ever since. Yay!

Selena even posted a video on her Instagram of the two of them dancing and captioned it:
“sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets.”

And isn’t that the truth?! One of the best parts of friendship is being accepted just as you are and having the freedom to be just who you are – sometimes sad, weird, crazy, quiet, hangry, hilarious, or whatever else. I’m lucky enough to have found incredible friends and I don’t know what I’d do without them. That being said, I’m so glad Selena and Taylor can be that for each other! It doesn’t matter who you are – we ALL need solid friends.

Here’s to friendship!
And an excuse to post a cute friendship picture….