Earlier this week I was given a piece of my childhood. My boyfriend and I had been talking a couple weeks ago about some of our favorite cds we used to listen to when we were younger ( and I’m talking junior high younger). To my surprise and utter joy, he got me one of the cds that had topped my list—WOW 2000. Yep, that’s right. The purple one (ohmygosh, is that why I like purple so much now?! Sorry, but I think I just made a self-discovery). Anyway, I popped that cd in my laptop and suddenly, I was 11 again. It was magical. And I must say, I was rather impressed with myself for still knowing Every. Single. Word. to each of the songs.


If you still have one of your favorite cds (or 8-tracks/records for our older readers) on hand, I definitely recommend giving it a listen. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. What used to be your jams then are probably not your jams now, or if they are, you may enjoy them for different reasons. And even if there is still that one song that will always be your favorite no matter how old you get (DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” anyone???), you will be able to see how much or how little you’ve changed.

WOW 1999








My time with the WOW works of art was very short-lived, owning only the previous year’s album (1999 – THE GREEN ONE IS SOOOO GOOD TOO) and the following year’s (2001 – MMMM another favorite). After that I was introduced to a few “harder” bands like Relient K and Kids in the Way, eventually working my way up to the good stuff: TFK, Skillet, Underoath and As I lay Dying among others. But even after seeing the light (thank you, Eric Reeder), I still enjoy throwing it back and listening to an old favorite.