Woman Crush Wednesday

Yep. That’s right. We are going to be featuring some of the women we think are da bomb! (wait, do people still say that?) And no, this isn’t just another way to post more about Taylor Swift (even though we want to). Over the summer, we’re going to try to put the focus on some ladies who don’t get to stand in the spotlight, but truly deserve every beam of it.

My first #WCW is actual more than one woman. It’s a whole heap.

Just a couple of months ago, more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by a militant group in Nigeria. Most of you were aware of this through the news and the #bringourgirlsback campaign going around social media. Unfortunately, the girls have yet to be rescued, and without media coverage it has slipped out of almost everyone’s mind.

My #wcw is dedicated to the girls who haven’t stopped thinking about it. They are the girls who attend a school only 45 minutes away from where the kidnappings took place. Their school had been shut down for nearly two months because of the risk of possible attack, but about a week ago they returned to the school to continue learning.

Can you believe that?! Their very lives are in danger and yet they still have the courage to go back to school because they want to learn. Incredible.

The bravery of these young girls is astounding, and I’m not sure I would have the same amount of courage and faith if I were them. Watch this short video to fully understand what a powerful statement these girls are making about education, faith and courage.