So I asked one of my sisters what she missed the most from her childhood and here is what she said:

“Coloring books, pixy stix, rice milk, and Blue’s Clues when Steve was the host. And bath toys. Bath toys were the BOMB.”

I think her choices are pretty solid. (Apart from the rice milk pick. Not quite sure how that made the list. She’s weird.)

But think about it. Coloring books were our masterpiece templates when we were little. Whether you stayed in the lines or were more “creative” with your interpretation of a perfectly colored picture, coloring books were the perfect outlet to express ourselves and have fun.
I wish they made coloring books for adults…*sigh*
OH WAIT. they do. Here is a page from a Ryan Gosling coloring book. Man, I love art.


Next on the list: pixy stix. Aka sugar. Nothing says childhood like sugar. Half the things we begged our parents for were 80% sugar…and pixy stix went above and beyond and just gave it to us straight. We knew what we were getting…and we loved it.pixy-stix

(skipping rice milk because, again, I have no idea why that made the list)

3. Blue’s Clues when Steve was the host. Who can forget that catchy mail song?!?

Here’s the mail, it never fails
It makes me want to wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail, MAIL!!!!!!!!!!

and for all our UK friends:

Post is here, the post is here
Letters come from far and near
All year round they make me want to CHEER!!!!!!!!!!

I still sing it when I go get the mail (U.S. version, although I might switch it up now that I’ve found the U.K. version. I try to add a dash of culture to my life every now and then.). It’s a reflex—I had little sisters that loved it, but I’d be lying to you if I told you I never yelled at the screen when I saw a clue and Steve was too dumb…er…I mean unobservant to see it. And it is important to note the “when Steve was the host” part of her answer. Because we all know those were the best years, and Joe just didn’t quite have that special “spark.” Also, I remember the day I figured out that Blue was a girl. Mind=blown.


And last but not least: Bath Toys. SOLID CHOICE. Ohhhh how simple life was back when bath toys were part of the bathing process. So yes. Bath toys were the Bomb. One time, an enormous rubber duck came to Norfolk. That was cool too.rubber duck






And there you have it folks. A solid list of throwbacks for your week.