Happy 1st Birthday!

Weeee’re baaaaack!!

We know it’s been forever since we’ve posted anything new, but there’s a reason.
10 reasons, actually…

Top 10 Reasons For Our Absence:

  1. We climbed Mount Everest. But we left our camera at the top and therefore lost all our photos…
  2. We turned Amish – mostly for the cheese and butter.
  3. Ashley went to rehab for her Tootsie Roll addiction. They sent her home and told her there is no hope.
  4. Chelsea tried her hand at wizardry… Silly muggle.
  5. Kylie locked herself in a tower and tried to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel’s, but her bird friends got sick of her singing.
  6. We traveled the world as Beyonce’s back up dancers.
  7. We got hired as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on a Disney cruise. You can guess who was who.
  8. We recorded an E.P. with Aaron Carter. Stay on the lookout for that…
  9. We moved to L.A. to make it as dancers, but the only job we booked was dancing sharks and trees.
  10. We spent months preparing for a lip-synch battle with Jimmy Fallon. We’re still waiting on our invitation…

Feel free to pick your favorite reason and ask us about it. We have some great stories to tell.

But really, life just got a little crazy. We had to prioritize some things and Perfectly Ridiculous got the short end. But, now we’re back and ready to go once again. We have some new ideas and have reworked some of the logistics when it comes to posts, so we’re sure that you will be happy AND that we will be able to keep this thing going and set ourselves up for success.

Can you believe it has already been a year since our first post?! This first birthday would not be possible without you all. We are so thankful for you! It means so much that you guys read what we write. So thank you for sticking around.

Happy Birthday, Perfectly Ridiculous!

– A, C, & K

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