Photo by Sarah Boller


Ashley can be described in four words: Owls, cupcakes, Goldfish and weddings. Ashley loves owls and will most likely end up as that old lady with the creepy owl room where all of the eyes follow you. Ashley loves to bake. Cookies, cakes but mostly cupcakes. She says baking calms her, so we let her keep doing it. Ashley loves Goldfish crackers. They are the snack that smiles back at her until she eats their heads off. Ashley also plans weddings and wants to plan weddings for a living, which comes in handy since she’s getting married this fall. She’s “the mom” of the trio and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves Jesus, Shea, her best friends, glitter and singing.


Photo by Sarah Boller


Chelsea likes ice cream. No. She loves it. Often times she will sing along to love
ballads, picturing herself and ice cream as the subjects (I’m not making this up).
She considers herself “the cool one” of the trio, no matter what the others try to tell
her. Rearranging her room was a hobby while in college, with up to eight changes in
one semester. Competition is her middle name and she’s played every sport. But
don’t ask her to play Ultimate Frisbee—she is terrible at that. A life-long dream of
hers is to hold a baby panda. We’re afraid she’d hug it so hard it would die, so we
avoid taking her to zoos. After a short stint as a fairy princess ghost thing, she is
convinced that glitter was invented for her and often laments that “her” tiara was
taken away. She has an unofficial film degree and finds it extremely difficult to NOT
sing while the radio is on. Jesus means the most to her, followed closely by her
family, friends and pandas.

Photo by Sarah Boller


Kylie loves Christmas more than most people love their pets. She is “the cute one” of the trio – it’s a fact. She loves Jesus and serving in church and would consider church to be her second home. Her family is her favorite, and her younger sisters will tell you all about her crazy side. Her friends mean the world to her. She’s fun-loving, bubbly, a little competitive, and places high value on people. Kylie loves singing, kids, writing, cats, anything and everything Disney, ice cream and peanut butter, musicals, and her favorite color is glitter. Basically, she is a 7 year old trapped in an adult’s body. One day she aspires to be a Disney Princess.


Photo by Sarah Boller


Together we are Perfectly Ridiculous.
Perfectly: altogether, completely, entirely, totally, thoroughly, fully, utterly.
Ridiculous: silly, laughable, outrageous, fantastic, goofy, incredible.

We love ice cream, glitter, Taylor Swift, and all things alliteration.
(Trust us, you’ve been warned…)


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