What To Do When A Hurricane Ruins Your Plans

A couple weeks ago – Saturday, October 3rd to be exact – we were supposed to be galavanting through a corn maze shaped like Taylor Swift’s face.

No, really.

We found this link on Facebook and thought it was too good to be true. We did our research and realized Summers Farm was only 4 hours away in middle-of-nowhere-Maryland. We bought our tickets, planned our picnic menu, confirmed our sleepover the night before so we could get up and leave early, and anxiously awaited the magical morning of Saturday, October 3rd. Dreams of corn mazes, pumpkin picking, and fall picnics danced in our heads.

Cue Joaquin.

For the longest time the rain was forecasted to hold off until a few days after our trip. Then, midway through the week, we started to get nervous. It had been raining all week and the worst of the rain was creeping closer and closer to Saturday, October 3rd. The three of us were checking the weather every 30 minutes. We were quickly becoming expert meteorologists and were tracking the Joaquin’s path all the way from here to middle-of-nowhere-Maryland.

Finally, on that Thursday night before our trip, we made the call to cancel. The rain was 100% imminent no matter how often we checked.

Hurricane party. Obviously that was the only answer to our depression and devastation.

We quickly regrouped and decided a cozy sleepover party with as blankets as we owned, pjs and onesies, movies, coloring books, and pumpkin painting was the perfect cure. Naturally, we documented the whole event just to share with you.

So without further ado, here is what to do when a hurricane ruins your plans:

Watch Movies

When we laid out all of our movie options to vote, the vote ended sooner than it began once we heard that Chelsea had never seen Peter Pan with Jeremy Sumpter. WE DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES. WE DO. WE DO.


The next day, our movie picking ability was greatly lacking. We decided on the Mary-Kate & Ashley classic, Holiday In The Sun. Our brains turned to mush as we sat there and watched. It’s kind of like a car crash: It’s awful and sad and traumatic, but you just cannot turn away no matter how badly you don’t want to see it. And even after all of that, we still love Mary-Kate & Ashley.



Of course the rain was nonexistent when we woke up on Saturday morning… Thanks Joaquin. We decided to venture out for coffee and Target. Then, of course, just as we were pulling on our shoes, the rain made it’s grand entrance. We pulled on boots and raincoats and ran to the car. We were on the road for all of 10 minutes before the rain stopped and did not reappear the whole day… There’s no better way to cope with confusion and heartbreak than Target and a cup of coffee.

Some work clothes, candles, a jacket, and a coloring book later we were all shopped out and ready to head back to the house for our “rainy” afternoon activities.

Pumpkin Painting

Arts and crafts for the three of us is always a memory. We spread the tarp on the floor, arranged everything for a “before” photo, and then spent hours painting our little pumpkins (and eating plantain chips…). 





Needless to say, our personalities shine very brightly when we attempt art projects…


Color In A Coloring Book

Coloring books are the most therapeutic little things. Luckily for us, adult coloring books are the new thing, so these weren’t hard to find. We’ll leave it up to you to guess who’s coloring book is who’s…


So there you have it. Joaquin might have tried to get the best of us, but we showed him who’s boss. Saturday, October 3rd was still one for the books.

-A, C, & K


So it’s been awhile.

Nothing much and EVERYTHING has changed since my last post.

I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot in the past 6 months or so. Most of those life lessons I chose to learn the hard way (Classic Chez). Oh, that’s me by the way. My struggle with embarrassing nicknames is real, so I’m pretty excited about this new one. But I digress. Mostly on purpose, because to be honest, I’d rather not tell you about how I made mistakes and hurt people. I know you all think I’m perfect and wonderful and amazing and couldn’t possibly mess up, but unfortunately I can. And I do. More often than I’d like. I will, however, spare you the details and sob stories and just tell you the major things that I’ve learned as a result:

  • Don’t let a distraction become your focus.
  • Never assume you know how another person thinks OR feels.
  • Actions speak louder than words. WAY louder.
  • Real love gives grace and doesn’t guilt trip you.
  • Instagram fuels insecurities.
  • Best friends will tell you the truth even when it’s hurts.
  • Some risks aren’t worth taking.
  • Not everything is about you.
  • Don’t force close friendships on people. Let it happen at its own pace.
  • Being an adult means nothing if you don’t act like one.

So there they are. The important things I’ve learned lately. Sounds like I’ve had a horrible, miserable last few months, huh? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Although I had my fair share of not-so-fun-this-sucks-lesson-learned moments, I experienced some of the greatest and happiest moments this life has to offer. So here are a few more things I learned, or was reminded of, during our long hiatus:

  • Real friends will make sacrifices for your happiness.
  • NYC is absolutely gorgeous at Christmastime.
  • Work parties can be super fun.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Hours upon hours upon hours of rehearsing is worth it even if just one person’s life is changed.
  • Reaching personal goals is always worth the hard work needed to get there. (unless you have dumb personal goals, then you should reevaluate your life. Just sayin.)
  • Spending time with family is one of the greatest gifts.
  • Being a bridesmaid is a true honor.
  • I’m in Gryffindor.
  • John Mayer is not overrated.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same…

OH WAIT. I also got engaged.


Now I’d be more than happy to give you another list of how wonderful my fiancé is, how magical the moment was when he asked me to marry him or how impressive the ring on my left hand is, but I’m pretty sure ya’ll don’t want to hear any of that mushy stuff. And if you do, just ask me in person. It’s much better in person anyway…there’s lots of jumping, fast talking, and incessant smiling involved.

So yeah, life has its ups and downs, but the important thing is to learn from the hard stuff and make sure you enjoy and savor every moment of the good.

Yep, well…uh…..that’s all I got. Ugh. I never know how to end these things.

– C

Happy 1st Birthday!

Weeee’re baaaaack!!

We know it’s been forever since we’ve posted anything new, but there’s a reason.
10 reasons, actually…

Top 10 Reasons For Our Absence:

  1. We climbed Mount Everest. But we left our camera at the top and therefore lost all our photos…
  2. We turned Amish – mostly for the cheese and butter.
  3. Ashley went to rehab for her Tootsie Roll addiction. They sent her home and told her there is no hope.
  4. Chelsea tried her hand at wizardry… Silly muggle.
  5. Kylie locked herself in a tower and tried to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel’s, but her bird friends got sick of her singing.
  6. We traveled the world as Beyonce’s back up dancers.
  7. We got hired as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on a Disney cruise. You can guess who was who.
  8. We recorded an E.P. with Aaron Carter. Stay on the lookout for that…
  9. We moved to L.A. to make it as dancers, but the only job we booked was dancing sharks and trees.
  10. We spent months preparing for a lip-synch battle with Jimmy Fallon. We’re still waiting on our invitation…

Feel free to pick your favorite reason and ask us about it. We have some great stories to tell.

But really, life just got a little crazy. We had to prioritize some things and Perfectly Ridiculous got the short end. But, now we’re back and ready to go once again. We have some new ideas and have reworked some of the logistics when it comes to posts, so we’re sure that you will be happy AND that we will be able to keep this thing going and set ourselves up for success.

Can you believe it has already been a year since our first post?! This first birthday would not be possible without you all. We are so thankful for you! It means so much that you guys read what we write. So thank you for sticking around.

Happy Birthday, Perfectly Ridiculous!

– A, C, & K

IMG_5066IMG_5062IMG_5064 IMG_5063IMG_5065


This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life! and it’s only Thursday. oh Lord, help me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad, just really busy. It’s filled with friends, parties, wedding festivities, packing, work, driving, gym, errands, stress and minimal sleep.

It’s those last two things that really bring that fantastic list of fun down fast. So my #tbt is about good ‘ol NAPTIME. (I would be lying if I told you I haven’t wished for it every day this week…er…year)

You know that scene in Frozen (of course you do, everyone does) where little Anna says “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake” to her sister Elsa? (again, of course you do. if you don’t…you are most definitely living under a rock…far, far away from Ashley and Kylie.) Anyway. that sentiment is the exact opposite of me. I LOVE being awake at night. or rather, I used to. now it gets to be 10:30 and I am longing for my bed if I’m not already in it. (boo old age)

But back in the day, when I was just a wee lass, I would “fall out of my bed” onto the hardwood floor “while sleeping.” Now, I was clever; I made sure the thud was believable but not overdone. I couldn’t have my parents catching on to my super brilliant plan to stay up later than I ought. I topped it off with the cutest eye-rubbing and sleepy voice saying “I fell off my bed again…” all while carrying my ninight (NY-Night). don’t judge. You had some weird blanket thing too. we all did.

As the years progressed I had to change up my plans a tad (cause my parents were too smart to go for the falling out of bed-bit when I was fourteen. I think it was the eye-rubbing. i think I lost my touch.) so I resorted to good ‘ol fashioned “waiting till everyone else was asleep and sneaking into the living room to watch tv” plan.

wait. did I really like staying up late??? or did my passion for late-night tv just begin really early???(Jimmy Fallon, if you are reading this…you are my favorite host of all time.)

anyway this was supposed to be about naptime wasn’t it? hmmm…instead all you’ve read is how I avoided sleep and love the tonight show. I blame it on my lack of sleep this week. yep. okay, where was I? I’m confused. I need a nap.


Woman Crush Wednesday

Yep. That’s right. We are going to be featuring some of the women we think are da bomb! (wait, do people still say that?) And no, this isn’t just another way to post more about Taylor Swift (even though we want to). Over the summer, we’re going to try to put the focus on some ladies who don’t get to stand in the spotlight, but truly deserve every beam of it.

My first #WCW is actual more than one woman. It’s a whole heap.

Just a couple of months ago, more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by a militant group in Nigeria. Most of you were aware of this through the news and the #bringourgirlsback campaign going around social media. Unfortunately, the girls have yet to be rescued, and without media coverage it has slipped out of almost everyone’s mind.

My #wcw is dedicated to the girls who haven’t stopped thinking about it. They are the girls who attend a school only 45 minutes away from where the kidnappings took place. Their school had been shut down for nearly two months because of the risk of possible attack, but about a week ago they returned to the school to continue learning.

Can you believe that?! Their very lives are in danger and yet they still have the courage to go back to school because they want to learn. Incredible.

The bravery of these young girls is astounding, and I’m not sure I would have the same amount of courage and faith if I were them. Watch this short video to fully understand what a powerful statement these girls are making about education, faith and courage.





Earlier this week I was given a piece of my childhood. My boyfriend and I had been talking a couple weeks ago about some of our favorite cds we used to listen to when we were younger ( and I’m talking junior high younger). To my surprise and utter joy, he got me one of the cds that had topped my list—WOW 2000. Yep, that’s right. The purple one (ohmygosh, is that why I like purple so much now?! Sorry, but I think I just made a self-discovery). Anyway, I popped that cd in my laptop and suddenly, I was 11 again. It was magical. And I must say, I was rather impressed with myself for still knowing Every. Single. Word. to each of the songs.


If you still have one of your favorite cds (or 8-tracks/records for our older readers) on hand, I definitely recommend giving it a listen. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. What used to be your jams then are probably not your jams now, or if they are, you may enjoy them for different reasons. And even if there is still that one song that will always be your favorite no matter how old you get (DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” anyone???), you will be able to see how much or how little you’ve changed.

WOW 1999








My time with the WOW works of art was very short-lived, owning only the previous year’s album (1999 – THE GREEN ONE IS SOOOO GOOD TOO) and the following year’s (2001 – MMMM another favorite). After that I was introduced to a few “harder” bands like Relient K and Kids in the Way, eventually working my way up to the good stuff: TFK, Skillet, Underoath and As I lay Dying among others. But even after seeing the light (thank you, Eric Reeder), I still enjoy throwing it back and listening to an old favorite.




Which means I get to write about whatever I want! So I decided that today I would write about what I’ll be writing in the future. Confused yet? Let me explain:

Once upon a time I made a movie. Kinda.

While in college, some friends of mine decided they wanted to do a 48 hour film project. I somehow landed the gig as screenwriter and unknowingly discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Seeing words that I put on paper transformed into something I could see on screen is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced, and one day, I will get paid to do it.

So, I hope you enjoy watching this little film that started it all.